A Moose That Says Moo!

From jump-roping skunks to book-reading sharks, the animals in this girl’s make-believe zoo will do whatever she wants. Messing with nature is fun at first, until we see how hilariously wrong things go. Oinking otters! Picketing ground hogs! Stage-crashing pigs! What could be next? With deadpan text and eye-popping art, this raucous picture book builds gleefully to a riot of craziness that brings the whole fantasy tumbling down—in a comedic warning against imaginary menageries that kids will find hilarious.


“This one is as much fun as it sounds, and it will find a regular spot in the storytime rotation.” – Booklist

“In this debut picture book, a little girl imagines a zoo with no cages and an assortment of uniquely talented animals.” – School Library Journal

*”Infectious good fun.” – Kirkus Reviews, starred review

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